How to Clean Vinyl Windows Frames

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    There is nothing more terrifying than having a newly installed window shatter seconds after it is detached from its framing, an undertaking initially most harmless and one borne from a homeowner wanting to have it cleaned.

    Moreover, the expenses to cover the damages are incredibly wasteful, as something as trivial as this could have been avoided in the first place.

    In contrast, having them cleaned by a window company that offers such services would require a frugal house owner to squander on something that could cost nothing if done right.

    Vinyl windows, precariously enough, are made up of materials that, when not handled right, are sure to subject homeowners to a cascade of expenses from having them replaced and reinstalled.

    While this type of window is considerably more inexpensive than other window types, having to waste money on even cleaning these windows can be pretty excessive.

    On the whole, the internet provides a reprieve from this dilemma with the number of help one can get from surfing it alone.

    Numerous articles that go into the technicalities of how to clean vinyl window frames run aplenty and accordingly should compel one to seek them out.

    This article is one of such.

    Use Vinegar and Water

    Vinyl frames have delicate coloring.

    Hence, when cleaning around the frames, it is essential that anything that is too harsh that could bleach or fade the color should not be used.

    Instead, water and vinegar should be used to spray in it.

    A spray bottle should be filled with 30% vinegar and 70% water so as to effectively clean the surface without risking discoloration.

    The mixture should be absorbed for two minutes while thoroughly spraying the frame.

    After that, rub the surface gently using a scrub brush with a soft bristle along with a cloth to be used to wipe any remaining debris around the frame.

    Spot Treatment

    Windows are oftentimes affected by mold and heavy rust.

    Moreover, oxidation ages quite roughly when on vinyl surfaces.

    It makes the whole frame seem older than it is due to the hideous color.

    However, they can easily be eradicated with the right cleaning technique.

    The heavy rust and molding may be cleaned with a mixture of a laundry detergent, a household cleaner, bleach, and water.

    Mix them all together and place them in a spray bottle which will be used to spot-treat the moldy and rusty surfaces.

    A soft-bristled brush is to be likewise used for such.


    A homeowner should also consider repainting the vinyl windows so as to give it a more profound and cleaner appearance.

    Not to mention, it adds up to the overall aesthetic of the house. If the mold, rust, and other stains do not go away after hours of scrubbing and spot treating, then paint should do the work for you.

    First, we should be able to choose the right coat of paint to fill the windows.

    Second, before applying the coat, the windows should be dried and washed as well.

    Furthermore, to make sure that the glass does not get stained by the paint, taping off the edges of the windows also works.

    After that, we are free to paint the windows to our heart’s content.

    Consider a Replacement

    Vinyl frames may be difficult to clean, especially if they have been so old.

    If the problem continues to persist even with countless repainting and cleaning and other techniques on how to clean vinyl window frames, a good window replacement should do your home some good.

    With that in mind, you do not have to look far and wide.

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    The beauty of the home oftentimes rests on the windows.

    Not to mention, the comfort within its walls is also provided by such.

    Hence, it is important that the best care is given to them.

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