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    Need Door Repair and Window Replacement in Vaughan?

    As a result of modernization, people have moved from wooden doors and windows to glass.

    Service Areas

    You will find glass doors and windows in every residential property and commercial buildings.

    The need for expert and reliable door repair and window replacement is also growing.

    Manny’s Glass Door Repair and Replacement is here to provide a solution for your door and window problems.

    We pride our name as a fast, professional, and reliable glass and board up service company here in Vaughan.

    We can do a wide variety of door and window – replacement, and installation.

    Here are our residential and commercial door and window services.

    Residential Door Repair and Window Replacement Services

    Doors and windows have been an integral part of all houses. Realistically, you cannot find a house that has no doors nor windows.

    Due to the modernity of most houses today they have glass as their windows and doors.

    Undeniably, the glass breaks and it could be due to extreme weather conditions, accidents, or forced entry.

    Leaving your glass doors and windows broken for a long time will leave you unprotected.

    So, do not wait for something terrible to happen. Call a glass door repair  and window service as soon as possible.

    The following are the residential door repair and window replacement services that we offer but not limited to;

    • Broken Window Replacement – Whether it is due to bad weather, mishap, or forced entry, we can fix it.
    • Single and Double Pane – Single or double pane repair, replacement, and installation are not a problem with us.
    • Window Installation – We install high-quality glass in any type of windows and entryways.
    • Window Hardware Replacement – Hardware Replacement due to corrosion or jammed sliding window is easy for us.
    • Custom Screen Replacement – Whether it’s window screen replacement or door screen replacement we can customize them. We also do screen door repair.
    • Shower Door Installations – Aside from entryways, we also install shower doors and customize them to your liking.
    • Custom Glass and Mirrors – We are skilled in various types of custom glass and mirror cuttings.
    • 24 / 7 Emergency Board Up – Accidents don’t happen for a certain period, hence, we are 24/7 available and quick to respond.

    Contact us now for further details of the above-mentioned residential door and window replacement services in Vaughan.

    Commercial Door Repair and Window Replacement Services

    Like most houses today, commercial establishments also use glass doors and windows.

    Glass has been widely used in storefronts due to its transparent characteristic.

    Aside from storefronts, glass has been used aesthetically as shelves and mirrors.

    For your business needs, we provide the following commercial door repair and window replacement  services but not limited to;

    • Storefronts – Storefront is your business’ façade that attracts customers in visiting your store. You can never go wrong with us for your storefront installations.
    • Glass Window & Door Install/Repair – Whether it is broken or cracked glass window and door, we’ll fix it for you in no time.
    • Custom Mirrors and Glass shelves- If you cannot find the perfect mirror and glass shelves for your business, we can custom-made it for you.
    • Emergency Service – Most businesses are open 24/7, so does our service. We are 24/7 ready for whatever emergency service your business demands.

    We like to help you with your business needs, contact us now.

    Contact Manny’s Glass Door Repair and Replacement Now!

    Why choose us with your door and window repair in Vaughan? Our track record and satisfied customers are proof of the quality services we provide.

    We are quick to respond to emergency repair services, the best pricing, and most of all, we do our work professionally.

    Expert solutions to a wide range of glass doors and windows problems ー repair, replacement, install and even customize them.

    We offer 24/7 glass door and window repair service anywhere in Vaughan.

    Moreover, we are highly experienced in any kind of emergencies. So, you can rely on us for whatever emergency door and window repair.

    Additionally, we have board-up services for residential and commercial establishments that are due to vandalism, foreclosure, and damage to property, breaking, and many more.

    Furthermore, we are skilled in various custom glass cuttings for entryways, shower doors, windows, mirrors, shelves, table tops, and more.

    Talk to us now. Let’s discuss what you need whether it’s for residential or commercial and get a free quotation.

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