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    Does Your Screen Door Need Replacing?

    Is your screen door not working properly and has grinding noise when you move them? Does it stick or frequently fall off? Or a big tear or hole is visible on the screen?

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    Then it’s time that you have it fixed.

    Screen doors are there to give you the freedom to enjoy the fresh breeze and a beautiful view of your backyard without worrying about the insects and pests to come in.

    Having a damaged screen door is frustrating, and we don’t want you to experience it.

    We are here to help you with that. Manny’s Glass Door Repair and Replacement is a call away to repair your damaged screen door.

    Contact us now and book an appointment if you need a door and window screen replacement for your home.

    Home renovation projects are popular in Vaughan. With that, many look for a screen door repair and replacement.

    We have listed here the common problems that we get from customers who need screen door repair and replacement.

    Common Door and Window Screen Problems

    Your screen door will give out hints when it’s time that they need a repair or replacement.

    As homeowners, we should look out for those signs and give them the care they need.

    We have listed here the common screen door problems that we encounter here in Vaughan.

    Stuck screen door or window

    If your screen door or window is hard to move then it’s a sign that your door has a damaged roller, dirty track, or bent track.

    You can fix this by replacing the old roller and cleaning the track. Get a scraper or a narrow tool to scrape off the dirt and vacuum it.

    There are times that we accidentally step on the tracks or drop a heavy object above them. This could result in bent tracks.

    You can fix this by aligning the track using a plier. But if the track is too damaged and beyond repair, then it’s time to replace it.

    The screen door falls off frequently

    The screen door that falls off frequently is a sign of a damaged frame and incorrect size — which is an issue of poor installation.

    A poor quality screen door gets damage easily and could cause water leaking inside your house and constant pest intrusion.

    Screen doors are placed for added protection, having this kind of problem is vexing.

    This problem will continue if your screen door is not replaced. So, leave it to us.

    We’ll replace your unfit screen door with a new one in no time.

    Torn or stretched screen door

    Sometimes the problem is from the screen itself. The two main problems that a screen experience are stretching and tearing

    Stretching happens when the screen regularly experiences constant pressure.

    This could be due to the kids playing around and poking the screen door, pets scratching the screen, or it has been repeatedly walked on.

    A high-quality screen can withstand a lot of pressure before it stretches but an old screen does not.

    Too much stretching could result in tearing. Tearing is sometimes caused by accidentally poking it with a sharp object or old age.

    When the screen gets old, the spline and screen itself degrade causing the screen to tear around the edges.

    Some homeowners leave a torn window or door screen as is. But doing so just defeats its purpose.

    A screen door is easy to repair if you did some research and get the right tool. However, when it comes to your safety and protection, it shouldn’t be a trial and error.

    We are here to do the job for you. You can rely on us for your screen door repair and replacement. We’ll have it done quickly before you know it.

    Trust Manny’s Glass Door Repair and Replacement in Vaughan

    If you are looking for solutions to your other door and window problem, look no further.

    We have a team of professionals who are quick to respond and experienced in the various repair and board-up services.

    We have 24/7 commercial and residential emergency service. Since problems occur 24/7 and so are we.

    Aside from screen door and window repair, we offer custom door or window screen replacement depending on your need.

    We are also experienced in different glass and mirror projects. If you want it customized, we’ll be happy to do it for you.

    We assure you that the services we offer are within your budget. So, contact us now.

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