How to Clean a Double Hung Window

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    The undertaking of cleaning a double-hung window can be quite a hurdle if it is someone’s first time.

    These moderately sized windows, compared to the standard single-hung window, will require one to clean an additional slab of stile with its panes and, structure-wise, will also need a person to be more careful.

    While enticing the idea of having an acquired help come over to do all the work, there are just some things that, when done by one’s hands, make future endeavors all the more manageable and inexpensive.

    Moreover, squandering money on something as effortless as cleaning a windowpane can be wasteful and, as such, could be a painful dawning for someone who has always relied upon hired help in the long run.

    On that note, other homeowners (who have learned this the painful way) have taken it up for themselves to impart their dos and don’ts when cleaning particular kinds of windows.

    The internet is a place most robust, with blogs and articles tripping one after the other, driven by the desire to relay tips and hacks.

    As such, this article is one of them and seeks to provide pointers on how to clean a double hung window.

    Step 1: Prepare your window

    Like any other project, it should be noted that the preparation of the window for cleaning is the first priority.

    Before we start on the details of the window, we should first be able to prepare the window for thorough cleaning.

    The first thing that we’ll have to do is to discard the screens from the windows.

    This will allow us to reach into the exterior glass for better cleaning.

    Moreover, getting the window prepared will allow us to look into the possible repairs that might be needed.

    Vacuuming out the bottom of the window sill is a good start towards the thorough cleaning.

    Since the sill has a lot of dust that has been built up over the course of time, it will make it easier for us to clean the overall window later.

    To do so, simply unlock and lower down the sash a few centimeters.

    You can then proceed to remove as much dust and debris as you can by use of the extension hose.

    Step 2: Wash the interior

    You can start with the exterior or the interior, whichever you prefer, but it is best to do the interior first.

    If you start on the inside, it will make you perceive the amount of dirt and grime that are located on the outside of the window after a spotless cleaning on the inside.

    The interior grilles, if any, should be removed.

    After that, you can proceed to clean the windows themselves with a standard cleaner.

    While interior windows are less dirty than the exterior, they will save you time and gradually take you higher in the dirt spectrum.

    Step 3: Wash the exterior

    With a double-hung window, we can easily clean the exterior even while inside the house.

    It is much more comfortable, especially if you are within a building that has two or more stories of windows.

    You can raise the sash at the bottom at about six to eight inches in approximate.

    After that, find the tilt hatches that are located on the bottom sash of the window and then pull it inwards.

    You can then tilt the window in the direction of the interior of the house.

    During that, the window should be able to reach an almost 90-degree angle, but be careful not to damage the frame. Observe caution while doing such.

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