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    Windows play an essential role in homes and businesses. It can let natural light in, protect you from outside elements and pests, functions as insulation, increases thermal efficiency, and adds beauty to our facade.

    Moreover, due to constant exposure to varying weather conditions and other factors, windows are prone to get cracks and breakage.

    But makes one decide to replace its current window? The most common reasons to have window replacements are due to breakage and renovations.

    Reasons for Window Replacement

    A window could last for between 15 to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. They can even last more depending on their material.

    If so, why is there a need for replacement?

    Here are the following reasons that your window needs a replacement;

    Broken Glass Window

    The only repair you can do to broken glass is to replace them.

    Having a broken glass window needs immediate attention. This could expose you and your family to danger.

    Home Improvements or Renovations

    For most home improvements and business renovations, they start by looking for window and door replacement.

    Before starting the construction, you should consider the following factor ― location, design preference, budget, and materials durability.

    Manny’s Glass Door Repair and Replacement is here to guide you to your right window replacement.

    Let us examine the different kinds and types of window replacement available in the market.

    Kinds of Window Replacement

    Windows must be durable, can withstand varying weather conditions, energy-efficient, and most of all aesthetically appealing.

    Choosing the best window for our home and business could be confusing and time-consuming.

    Here we have listed the five common kinds of window replacements that people choose.

    Let us check the pros and cons of each window.

    Aluminum Window Replacement

    Aluminum has been the choice of most modern homes. It has a wide glass area which can give you the best outdoor view.


    • Aluminum is robust and lightweight that makes it easy to install.
    • Aluminum lasts long and does not accumulate molds.
    • Aluminum requires low maintenance.
    • Aluminum can be customized easily according to your preference.


    • Aluminum conducts heat quickly.
    • It has low energy efficiency due to its poor insulation.
    •  Aluminum is expensive but not compared to wood.

    Vinyl Window Replacements

    It is composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that has a UV light stabilizer to keep the material from breaking down due to sunlight.


    • Vinyl is affordable compared to wood and fiberglass.
    • Vinyl has hollow cavities that can be filled with insulation making it superior in thermal resistance.
    • It has good moisture resistance.
    • Vinyl is lightweight and makes it easy to install.


    • Cannot be painted.
    • Vinyl is not aesthetically appealing.
    • Vinyl does not last long but sometimes it depends on its composition.

    Wood Window Replacement

    The wood window frame is aesthetically appealing due to its natural beauty. This has been the most popular choice in home improvements.

    Wood can last up to 100 years if maintained properly.


    • Wood provides better insulation.
    • Wood is durable and long-lasting if maintained well.
    • Wood is aesthetically appealing and increases your house value.
    • Can be stained or painted.
    • Wood is also good at blocking sound.
    • Wood is environment- friendly.


    • Requires regular maintenance
    • Vulnerable to rotting and varying weather condition
    • Susceptible to pests and insects.
    • It is more expensive than the other materials.

    Composite Window Replacement

    It is composed of wood products such as particleboard, laminated strand lumber that are sometimes mixed with metal and vinyl.

    Composite windows are strong due to the combination of different materials.


    • A composite window is stable and has better structural properties.
    • A composite window has better thermal properties.
    • They have better resistance to moisture, warping, and corrosion.


    • The only con is its cost; it is more expensive than the other materials.

    Fiberglass Window Replacement

    Fiberglass is made up of resin and reinforced a glass fiber which makes it a strong material.


    • Fiberglass needs low maintenance.
    • Has air cavities that can be filled with insulation making the best insulator.
    • Superior thermal performance
    • Fiberglass is durable and cannot be affected by rot, mold nor corrosion.
    • Fiberglass has better resistance in varying weather and temperature.
    • Will not stick due to expansion and contraction


    • Fiberglass has a dull appearance.
    • Fiberglass looks like vinyl but is more expensive.
    • Fiberglass is hard to install.

    After knowing the different kinds of window frames, let’s now move to the different types of windows.

    Different Window Types

    There are different window types available in the market. What we have listed here are the most common window types.


    They coupled at the top which opens from the bottom then outward. Awning windows have a low air leakage rate and are ideal for an environment with a lot of rain.


    Hopper is the opposite of an awning. It opens from the top then outward. Hopper also has a low air leakage rate and provides excellent insulation.

    This kind of window is ideal for small spaces like the bathroom and basements.

    Single and Double Sliding

    The single sliding window has only one sash that moves horizontally. While in a double sliding window both sashes move horizontally.

    Sliding windows have a high air leakage rate.

    Single and Double Hung

    Hung has the same concept with the sliding but they only differ on how the sash moves. The single and double-hung window moves vertically.

    A single-hung window has a movable lower sash and fixed upper sash. While a double-hung both sash can move vertically.

    It has a high air leakage rate but is the most common window replacement.


    This kind of window is generally placed in high locations or above a regular window. Fixed windows are used when you want more natural light to come in.

    When installed properly, fixed windows can be airtight.


    A casement window is like an awning and hopper but differs in how it opens.

    Casement open from the side then outward it could be single or double.

    This type of window gives you an unobstructed view and also has a low air leakage rate.

    After what has been said and you are still confused and undecided on what to choose. You can always come to us.

    Why Choose Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement for Your Window Replacement in Richmond Hill?

    Deciding for a type of window replacement can be very hard when you have many available options to choose from.

    Talk to us now. Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement can help you with your dilemma. We will give you professional advice that you will not be disappointed in.

    We will also give you a free quotation.

    We are a company based here in Richmond Hill, so we know what’s best for the locals here in Richmond Hill.

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