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    Looking for Door Repair and Window Replacement in Richmond Hill?

    Are you looking for a fast and reliable door repair and window replacement in Richmond Hill? Do you need window screen replacemen?

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    Perhaps you need a door repair and screen replacement? Or maybe a window and door replacement?

    Search no more. Manny’s Glass Door & Replacement is here for your residential and commercial glass door and window demands.

    Your door need the most care and strict attention to detail repair professionals.

    We only install high-quality glass for your door and window that are within your budget.

    Moreover, we fix and replace a wide range of door and window problems for residential and commercial buildings.

    Look no more for customized glass cuttings and mirrors because we can also do it.

    We are a one-stop-shop for your door and window repair in Richmond Hill.

    Depending on maintenance, quality of material, and other factors, your window and door could last longer than you think.

    If doors and windows could last that long, why the need to replace them?

    Reasons for Door and Window Replacement

    Even though doors and windows cold last long, but without proper care, it will undergo wear and tear.

    Aside from wear and tear, there is much reason for you to replace your current door and window, and here are the following reasons:

    Home Improvement

    Visitors will feel welcomed by looking at your doors and windows.  Your outdoor façade is what determines their first impression.

    As homeowners, you want a home that is inviting to guests and beautiful ― that has natural light and a full view of a scenic surrounding.

    You can achieve it by choosing the right window and door replacements.

    Hard to Close or Open Door and Window

    These could be a sign that your door or window is too old, maybe older than you, and needs some good replacement.

    Aside from old age, it could have a poor frame or sills due to water leakage and other factors.


    You cannot predict when projectiles such as a rock or ball will; hit your glass door or window.

    Accidents happen anytime and it is beyond our control. The thing you can do about it is to get it fixed instantly.


    Intruders look for easy routes to enter your home or establishment. The door and window are their most common entry point.

    Intruders will break into your house or store even if it is closed what more with a broken door and window.

    For your safety and protection have it fixed as soon as possible.

    Low-quality glass door and window

    Using a cheap glass door and window could cause you more. Low-quality glass can easily break.

    So when choosing a glass door and window, choose a company that installs high-quality glass.

    Indications That Your Door and Window Needs Replacement

    Your door and windows give you signs when they need to be replaced. As owners, all we have to do is check out those signs.

    You could prolong your door and window’s life with proper care and quick action for repair.

    Here are the significant problems that residential and commercial buildings encounter.

    Broken or Cracked Glass

    Broken or cracked glass is the most obvious reason that you need to replace your glass window or door.

    Glass is always at risk of breaking and it is unavoidable.

    It can be categorized as pressure cracks (due to extreme weather conditions) or physical cracks (due to force breakage or accident such as hit by a ball).

    A single crack shouldn’t stay long unattended, as this may lead to more cracks and breakage.


    Having water or air leaking in your room is not a good sign. It could be an underlying condition of a bigger problem.

    Water leakage happens due to clogged holes, poor caulking, gutters, or other windows above it.

    Meanwhile, air leakage arises from defective material, mediocre product design, and poor installation.

    Constant water and air leaks could deteriorate your wall and room’s thermal efficiency.

    What should you do if one of the following indications is present?

    24/7 Services for Richmond Hill

    Damage or broken glass doors and windows shouldn’t be neglected for a long time.

    If one of the following indications is present, it must be replaced instantly, for that we have a 24/7 emergency service.

    Contact us now and will give you a fair price quotation.

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