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    Windows are an essential part of every home. Passers-by can ascertain a beautiful house through its window.

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    Thus it is best to invest in high-quality windows. A window could last longer than you think depending on the material used.

    A wood window could last up to 100 years while a window that is made of vinyl, metal, or fiberglass could last between 15 – 20 years.

    Despite its long life window should be well maintained. Since windows are very vulnerable to damage.

    They are exposed to extreme weather conditions, force entry, and mishaps such as flying stones.

    Most homeowners neglect to check on their windows. Sometimes they leave a cracked window or stuck window as is. That notion is wrong!

    A damaged or broken window should be replacement as soon as possible. You could leave yourself and your family unprotected.

    Remember that windows are the most common entry point for intruders.

    Common Window Problems

    Water Leakage

    There could be a lot of reasons why this happens. It could be from the window itself or an external problem such as the gutter, wall hole, and windows above it.

    It is important to know where the water leak is coming from so that we can provide the right solution.

    If the leak is observed on the window frame or on the window sash where it meets the jamb, then most likely the window itself is causing the problem.

    Old windows are prone to water leakage. As window parts have deteriorated over time.

    Water leakage on old windows can be due to worn-out weather stripping, misaligned sash, or clogged drainage.

    Additionally, poor window installation could also cause water leakage.

    Broken Glass

    Broken glass could be due to extreme weather, break-ins, and accidents.

    A glass window undergoes thermal stress that causes pressure cracks. This is due to a sudden change in the weather.

    Also, the window can provide a variation in the inside and outside temperature of your home.

    Unfortunate events happen unexpectedly. A flying stone or ball could hit the glass part of your window that could cause physical cracks.

    The only thing you can do is to get an expert professional and it’s us.

    Yes, you have read it right. We are a company that can tackle various window problems. Our team of window technician is well equipped and can solve it right away.

    Window Replacement and Installation

    You can rely on Manny’s Glass Door Installation Replacement for your window replacement needs.

    Our professional window technicians are here to help you in securing your home.

    We Replacement  a wide range of window types, sizes, and shapes. Here are the following services that we offer but not limited to;

    Broken Window Replacement

    Whether it’s a broken sash or broken glass, we can fix it in no time.

    Single and Double Pane

    Is your double pane window foggy?  We’ll replacement  the seal for you. Additionally, we install and replacement  single and double pane windows.

    Window Installation

    Whatever type of window you would like for your home renovation, we can install it and even have it customized to your liking.

    Window Hardware Replacement

    The window won’t open? Damaged window frame? We have expert technicians to provide solutions to different window hardware problems.

    Storm Window Replacement

    Storm windows are a cheap alternative to replacement windows. They serve as outer protection for your main window when placed outside.

    Having a broken glass storm window or frame? We can fix it.

    Window Screen Replacement

    Screens are added protection for your home. You can open the window for fresh air without worrying about pests or dried leaves to come in.

    If you have a damaged or broken screen, allow us to do window screen replacement for you.

    Contact us for more details if the service you are looking for is not mentioned above.

    Aside from replacement , what can you do to add protection to your glass window?

    Extra Protection For Windows

    Like the famous quote “Eyes are the window to the soul”, in like manner, windows are spyholes to our house.

    With this, we want to gain more privacy without jeopardizing the beauty of the surrounding and outer facade of our house.

    By placing window tint or film you’ll feel safe and secure. The tint protects your house from spying intruders and harmful UV rays.

    Moreover, it prevents the glass from shattering when broken.

    Talk to Us Now

    If you are considering a glass window tint service aside from replacement, our lines are 24/7 available to cater to your needs.

    Moreover, we also do door repair and screen replacement, board-up services, and custom glass cutting for residential and commercial establishments.

    You can trust us on any glass window replacement and door repairs. Our window technicians are proficient and reliable.

    So look no further, contact us now.

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