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    Nothing comes easy – cleaning windows no exception.

    One may wonder about the specifics on how to clean replacement windows, but there is honestly no definite way to go about the entire process but trial and error.

    While the task may be deterring for a beginner, through time, one acquires the needed skills to handle such fragile pieces of fixtures.

    First-time homeowners are quick to accept the help of professionals when dealing with endeavors such as this; however, homeowners that are considerably more prudent would instead take the chance and learn the process by themselves.

    Taking this into consideration, several window companies have begun to take their services online to garner the trust of the people through free advice – an attempt that has proven to be most efficient in collecting possible customers that will want their aid in the future.

    Others have flocked to the internet with their hacks and tips, all driven by the desire to assist and impart their learnings, and who have acquired such experiences through their tinkering.

    With that, this list provides a series of pointers that may be of help, especially to those who are still learning the basics of cleaning replacement windows.

    Use clear water

    One of the best ways to start cleaning a replacement window is to make use of clear water.

    Note that there should not be any soap added to it.

    You can utilize a soft cloth and rub it on the surface of the window.

    After that, wipe it clean using a damp and a wrung-dry chamois.

    This substance will be able to soak up the dampness brought about by the water while not leaving streaks.

    To further the cleaning exercise, you can add small amounts, as necessary, of a mild cleaner.

    This mild cleaner should have to be as gentle as dish soap.

    Take note of the number of bubbles of the cleaner, as the lesser of such, the better.

    Use small squeegees

    If you have a large and clear windowpane or a picture window, it is better to use some small squeegees to wipe the water from the glass surface.

    Squeegee cleaning has been proven to be an effective form of cleaning the surface of the window.

    Vacuum with a soft brush

    For the window screens, you can vacuum the dirt by using a soft brush attachment.

    Moreover, if necessary, they can be casually removed and rinsed gently by making use of a garden hose.

    Do not use power washers or high-pressure sprays

    Using power washers or any high pressure sprays may be able to damage the seals located in the windows.

    Such damage can cause them not to be air-tight.

    Do not make use of solvents or strong detergents

    Any type of solvents or strong detergents can damage the glass.

    It can weaken the glass’s protective coating.

    Moreover, they can significantly damage and affect the joints that are made of either wood, vinyl, or fiberglass of the window.

    Do not use oil-based lubricants

    If you ever so use a WD-40 or any other types of lubricants that are oil-based, it can significantly add more dirt than what is usually on the window.

    These lubricants can attract dirt which can make the windows even more difficult to use as well as clean.

    Be careful of any sharp parts

    There are various parts of the window that may injure you while cleaning.

    Hence, it is important to keep in mind that safety is the utmost priority when it comes to starting a project.

    Be extremely careful when handling the window, especially because it can harm you.

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