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    Door Repair

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    Door Repair

    Is your door hard to open or close? Are the door locks malfunctioning and sometimes get the key stuck? Perhaps the glass panels and door frame have cracks or broken?

    When you notice these problems with your door, then it is time that you call for a repair company.

    It is simple, just dial the numbers found on this site and we will be right there at your doorstep.

    The door needs proper care and attention. They are the most used and vulnerable part of the house.

    People pass through the door many times in a day, even the uninvited ones.

    Keep your door in perfect shape to keep up with its daily usage.

    The Most Common Door Problems

    Doors can last for a long time. But they will deteriorate if neglected.

    The decline in the door performance can be due to weather and temperature change, old age, and sometimes kids playing the door.

    Admit it, the latter happens for homes that have kids who love goofing around.

    Here are the most common door problems that you can encounter and the simple repairs that you can do.

    The door stays open

    This is the last thing that we want to happen. We have doors to protect and secure our house from outside elements.

    Factors that affect this problem are misaligned strike plate, noticeable gap between the door and the jamb, and poor installation.

    The gap can be fixed by replacing the old screws with a longer one or placing a shim on the back of the hinges.

    Aligning a misaligned strike plate is easy. First, locate and mark where the door and jamb meets. Then, place the strike place in that spot.

    However, if the problem is poor installation, then you have to find a repair company that does the job properly.

    Drafty door

    A drafty door permits high air leakage rate and is energy inefficient. Most wooden doors are not moisture resistant that causes the door to warp.

    Worn out weather stripping and hinge could also cause a drafty door. It can be fixed by placing new weather stripping and hinge replacement.

    If repairs have been done and the problem still exists then it’s time to replace your door.

    The door is difficult to open

    A difficult to open door can be brought about by a missing screw that pulls the door’s weight on the opposite side.

    You can fix this by replacing new screws that are longer than the old ones. This is to ease the pressure from going the opposite direction.

    Moreover, changes in the weather or temperature are inevitable. This causes the door to expand or contract, which usually happens on wooden doors.

    The best thing to do for expanding doors is to replace them.

    It is best to leave it to the experts.

    For door and window replacement, you can choose Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement.

    We will give you professional advice on what is the best door replacement.

    Benefits In Choosing Us

    Leaving your door to the professionals is the best care you can give to your door and that’s where we are coming from.

    We strive to be the best in Markham in providing glass door repair and replacement services.

    We service all kinds and types of doors and windows available in the market. We can tailor it based on your preference.

    Door repair emergencies should not wait long to get fixed.

    Call us now and we’ll be outside your home or store in no time.

    Manny’s Glass Door Repair and Replacement is 24/7 at your service.

    Our team is always ready for emergency residential and commercial glass window and door service.

    Your Professional Experts in Door Replacement and Repair in Markham

    Looking for other services aside from door repair and replacement?

    We offer the following services but not limited to;

    • Shower Door Installations – Doing home renovations and improvements? We can help you with your shower door installation.
    • Custom Screen Replacement – Screen doors and windows provide an added protection for your homes. Allow us to install or replace your broken existing screen door and window.
    • Glass Window & Door Install/Repair – Thinking of changing your wooden door or window into glass? We can help you with that.
    • Custom Glass and Mirrors – Looking for the perfect glass or mirror for our home and business is sometimes hard. Lucky you if you found it. But if it’s not available, then the only solution is to have it custom made.

    We can help you with that. Our company has great experience in different custom glass projects.

    Send us a message now and will give you free estimates with no hidden fees.

    We’re looking forward to having business with you.

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