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    Are You Considering a Screen Door Replacement?

    Then you are on the right track. A screen door can give your home extra benefits at a minimum cost.

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    But if you already have one but is damaged or broken, then you need to have a screen door replacement if it is past fixing.

    A screen door can give your home a lot of benefits.

    Leaving it broken or damaged denies its benefits and can only become a nuisance.

    Consider the following benefits you will get in installing or replacing your defective screen door.


    Having a screen door allows the fresh air to enter your home which improves the air quality without being bothered by outside elements.

    It keeps your home cooler during summer days while minimizing the use of fans and air conditioners.


    A screen door can add privacy to your home even if the windows and doors are open.

    The screen allows you to have the best view of the outside while keeping the curious eyes of every passer-by away.

    This is possible due to the different thickness and weaving of the screen.


    Disclaimer, a screen door must not be used as the main door. Though it has a locking system and provides protection but it is not at par with a panel door.

    A screen door can only protect your home from pests and insects from coming in.

    Moreover, it could protect your door and window from flying rocks and weather conditions if placed in front of your existing door or window.

    Thinking of the above benefits increases the level of comfort that your home already has.

    When it comes to your home improvements do not hesitate, contact us now and let us talk about the right screen door for you.

    Screen Door Types

    There are many available screen door types available in the market that you can choose from.

    Choosing the right screen door replacement could also enhance your house’s appearance.

    Consider the following most popular screen door replacement.

    Hinged Screen Door Replacement

    This is the most common type of screen door. You will find a hinged screen door or window in most houses.

    Hinged screen doors can have an aluminum or vinyl frame which uses a three-part hinge.

    A hinged screen door is either placed in front or at the back of an existing door or window.

    Sliding Screen Door Replacement

    You are familiar with this kind of screen door.

    A sliding screen door slides on a track with the use of rollers. It is popularly used along with a sliding door.

    If you also have a sliding window, then there’s no problem in installing this certain type of window screen.

    Retractable Screen

    A retractable screen is by far the latest and is gaining a lot of attention despite being the most expensive of all.

    Its operation is the same as a roll-up door. It is hinged on either side of the jamb and has top and bottom tracks.

    This kind of screen door gives you the freedom to use or not use it.

    The screen rests on its canister when you opt not to use it. Then, when you decide to use it, pull the screen and hook it on the other side.

    Custom Screen Replacement

    If the above-mentioned screen door types still don’t fit your need, then we have the right solution for you.

    Worries no more because we can custom make it for you. We have gained a lot of experience in custom screen replacement.

    You can never go wrong with this kind of screen.

    Contact us now and let’s talk about the right door or window screen replacement for you.

    Are you still undecided? Talk to us now and we will help with your screen door replacement needs.

    Door and Window Screen Replacement

    You can trust Manny’s Glass Door Repair and Replacement for your door and window screen replacement.

    Your house is important to us, we’ll see to it that you get the best door and window screen replacement.

    We boast ourselves as fast, efficient and professional window and door technicians.

    Emergency service is not a problem with us. We are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Book your screen door replacement now.

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