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    Did you ever notice the increase of pests and critters inside your home lately?

    Most of the time, damages to entry points of the residence are rarely evident.

    The tiny cracks and splits of window surfaces are not obvious unless you do a deep inspection of the property.

    The rust build-up isn’t easy to spot until you take apart the windows from the jamb.

    The same scenario can happen to the window screens.

    The tiny holes and splits in the material seem very microscopic.

    One of the only ways to spot the problem is to see flies coming in more often than you expect.

    When this happens, you’re bound to book a window screen replacement service.

    Leaving a damaged screen alone can invite more creatures over time.

    The damages to the screen can easily result in more exposed areas inside your household.

    Not only do insects and pests get a free pass inside your home.

    Unwanted individuals can slowly poke necessary damages to an already damaged window screen to gain more access inside.

    Don’t put your home in danger by delaying the window screen replacement.

    Book a job with our team of professionals here at Manny’s Window & Door Repair as soon as possible.

    Types of window screens

    Many types of window screens are available for your replacement.

    You can stick with your current screen material or explore other types in the market.

    Whichever screen works for your windows, make sure it lasts long by investing in its service.

    The last thing you need is to keep spending on repairs you can avoid.

    Fiberglass screen

    The fiberglass window screen is the most standard type of screen in the market.

    The coated PVC material of the fiberglass adds resistance to external elements.

    Fiberglass is a lightweight material that results in more efficient applications.

    Fiberglass screens exist in multiple colors that fit your home design.

    Aluminum screen

    Aluminum screens are metal mesh screens that boast durability and flexibility.

    You don’t need to worry about causing dents to the screen.

    The aluminum mesh also has a thin material that can withstand a lot of bends and disfiguration.

    You won’t need to handle heavy screen material for an installation.

    Copper bronze screen

    Copper window screens champion their ability to oxidize over time.

    The beautiful patina color enables the screen to be resistant to corrosion.

    Say goodbye to potential rust formations as the copper bronze screen resists them over time.

    Copper bronze screens can withstand salty air, perfect for properties near the coast.

    Solar window screen

    If you are more particular about the sun, solar screens are for you.

    The black screens of the solar mesh absorb the heat of the sun.

    If you want to keep the cool temperature of your home interiors, the solar screens can help you do that.

    These screens are perfect for patio and porch windows inside the property.

    Privacy screen

    Privacy is a great deal to many homeowners and property owners.

    If you want to have some layer of cover to your home interiors, invest in privacy screens.

    The thick material of the screen keeps more than just insects out.

    They keep prying eyes away from your private space so that you can enjoy your home all the time.

    Affordable window screen replacement

    It’s time to check the holes and damages on your window screens.

    We can guarantee that you will have a long-lasting batch of screens on your property with our window screen replacement.

    Not only does a window screen keep unwanted elements out, but you can also ventilate your space well.

    It’s not necessary to spend an enormous amount on the service.

    Our affordable works assure you that your subsequent screens have the proper installation necessary to last long.

    Get a team of professional window repair technicians for your damaged screens

    We are Manny’s Window & Door Repair, and we have been giving professional services all the time.

    Our works include door repair and window repair.

    We can help you replace the damaged screens of your windows at home.

    Don’t wait for bigger holes and more rust to weaken the material of the screen.

    Set an appointment with our team and book a job with us!

    We are available all the time to give you our window repair services, specifically for the replacement of your window screens.

    Let’s plan together with the next set of screens that elevate your home.

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