Why a Screen Door Is Important

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    Screen doors are essential accessories for your home.

    They provide better security and safety when you add them to your home.

    If you do not own a screen door, it’s time for you to install one for your home.

    But if you’re considering a screen door for a while now, read this guide.

    We will walk you through more about screen doors and why a screen door is important to your home.

    All About Screen Doors

    A screen door is a door placed either in front of the entry door or back door.

    Its purpose is to protect your home from the weather, especially during the winter, and allow ventilation during warmer climates.

    It also comes in different styles.

    You can talk with Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement to provide you with more options.

    The screen door’s purpose is to provide separation between the temperature inside your home and outside that is subjected to weather changes.

    At times, your door cannot provide sufficient insulation inside your home.

    Without a screen door, you’re allowing your home vulnerable to external elements and changes.

    You won’t also be able to insulate your home without a screen door.

    You may find yourself and your family freezing through the winter and suffering from the heat during the summer.

    Hence, a screen door is an efficient way to use less energy in your home.

    It acts as a barrier against the weather and prevents warm or cold air from leaking into your house.

    The Importance of Screen Doors

    Aside from the protection from weather changes, a screen door also hosts many benefits.

    These are the following reasons why a screen door is important.

    1. Protects Your Home from Pests

    Nothing’s more annoying when you’re enjoying watching football with your family, then a pesky mosquito buzzes around you and bites on your skin.

    When you install a screen door in your house, you will be able to prevent insects from entering.

    Since screen doors are made of mainly meshed panels with metal frame, it will be hard for the insect to go through the holes and gaps.

    Luckily, you don’t have to stress about insects anymore.

    2. Provides Sufficient Ventilation

    A screen door does not allow pests and insects to come in but allows air to enter.

    This is most important when you find the summer months too hot that you need ventilation to keep the fresh air moving around your house.

    Hence, it can be used during the spring and summer months.

    While a screen door is closed during the winter months to prevent heat loss, there’s nothing more satisfying when opening it during warmer months to allow the breeze to enter your home.

    Thus, it helps to regulate the temperature inside your home while keeping the air fresh.

    As a result, you won’t need to use much air conditioner to cool your house.

    3. Allows Light

    Aside from air, a screen door allows light to enter your home, resulting in a vibrant, spacious, and warmer home.

    Because of the mesh of the screen door, you don’t have to worry about the pests coming in.

    Just close the door during the summer months to keep the annoying insects and pests away and only let the air and light enter.

    4. Protects Your Home From Weather Changes

    There are two types of screen doors – flyscreen and storm.

    Flyscreen door helps to keep away the pests and promotes ventilation.

    Storm door, on the other hand, protects your home against hurricanes.

    Both types, however, offer additional protection for your home against weather conditions.

    They are designed to reduce the number of weather elements such as wind and rain to enter your entry door.

    They also reduce the amount of cold air coming into your house.

    They also protect your main door from damage against the weather.

    5. Increases Security

    Another reason why a screen door is important is that it increases the security of your home.

    All screen doors come with reliable key locks to make sure no one can enter your house.

    If you also lock your front door, you’ll be adding a level of security against intruders and threats.

     Want to Install a Screen Door for Your Home?

    Screen doors are convenient; provide better ventilation, safety, and security.

    If you want to freshen your house during the summer months, you can add a screen door.

    You can also use it in the winter months, but make sure to keep it locked to prevent cold air from entering inside.

    You can use screen doors around the year.

    If you’re convinced about installing one for your home, you can call Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement.

    Aside from installation, we also offer screen door repair, door screen replacement, door replacement, and repair.

    Call us in Vaughan, Markham, and Richmond Hill!

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