What To Look For In New And Replacement Entry Doors

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    The right entry door can do so much than just a tool for entering and leaving your house.

    It serves as an impression of guests and an invitation to your friends.

    It also improves your home’s appearance, which adds to the property value.

    So, what to look for in new and replacement entry doors?

    If you want your door to be worth your money, this guide will discuss some things to keep in mind.

    Features to Look Out For a New Entry Door

    If you’re set on replacing or buying a new door, these are the features on what to look for in new and replacement entry doors.

    1 Material

    Entry Doors are made of different materials – wood, steel, and fiberglass.

    The wood material is the popular choice but has decreased its popularity over the years because it requires a lot of maintenance and can be expensive.

    Also, it only lasts for a few years compared to other materials.

    Steel doors, on the other hand, are known for providing high security and durability.

    With steel doors, you can customize the color that you want.

    Unlike wood doors, steel doors are low maintenance but require maintenance in painting as it can chip off and scratched easily.

    They provide adequate energy efficiency and the least expensive out of all the types of doors.

    Out of all the door materials, fiberglass offers the most flexibility and durability.

    They can be painted similar to a steel door, and you can choose a wood-looking door with fiberglass.

    What’s more, it offers excellent insulation to your house as it won’t transfer heat or cold from the outside.

    Hence, fiberglass is the popular choice if you want an energy-efficient door.

    You also don’t need much maintenance because it is resistant to fading, rusting, warping, and impacts.

    Due to the nature of fiberglass doors, you can avail lifetime warranty with them.

    2 Security and Hardware

    As technology improves over the decades, so are the security and locks.

    There are many security hardware available in the market to increase the security of your home further.

    You can choose steel security plates, keyless entry, or install a keypad combination or Bluetooth connectivity controlled by your mobile phone or key fob.

    If you want a door replacement with the new security features, you can communicate your concerns with a door repair expert.

    Give Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement a call to ensure you get the security and the functionality you want with your door.

    3 Style

    Unlike most interior doors, the entry door is more than just what it seems. It’s a system.

    Whether you want a single or double front door, decorative sidelights, or overhead transom, you can do so with your entry door.

    You can also make adjustments to it or make the window glass opaque or tinted.

    In some cases, you may want your fiberglass door to look like a traditional wood door.

    Or upgrade your basic door to a more appealing one.

    In short, you can do everything you want with your entry door.

    The aesthetic upgrade will surely be a deciding factor to improve the look of your house.

    Also, there are many samples of door systems available in home improvement showrooms to have more options.

    Furthermore, the design you choose should match the architectural style and theme of your house.

    In this way, you’ll maximize the curb appeal of your home without much effort.

    4 Energy Efficiency

    One of the primary purposes of the door is to provide insulation to your house.

    It should protect your home from the external weather changes to make sure you’re not dying of cold or suffering from extreme heat.

    You may want to choose a fiberglass material door if you’re going to use less energy inside your house.

    In this way, you won’t suffer from expensive electric bills monthly.

    Want a Door Replacement or Installation?

    There are indeed many ways on what to look for in new and replacement entry doors.

    Make sure to communicate with your trusted door repair expert to fit your needs within your budget.

    If you want to replace your new entry door for your house, call Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement!

    Aside from installation, we also offer other services such as window repair, window screen replacement, screen door repair, and door screen replacement.

    Call us now to have your new door installed!

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