Vinyl vs Composite Windows in Markham

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    In today’s time, homeowners can choose from an array of window framing options comprising wood, fiberglass, vinyl, composite, and the like, a significant breadth of variety that ensures every eager homeowner is happy and satisfied.

    With this influx of choices, however, several if not many are left with the daunting task of surfing for the best type of window to complete their homes, an endeavor that might altogether be too taxing if a buyer is not knowledgeable enough with window types.

    As such, this article seeks to provide a ‘window’ to understanding various kinds of framing options for one’s casement, namely vinyl and composite types, and, hopefully, to also serve as a guide to a window type most fitting for one’s home.

    Vinyl windows are window types that are created from plastic material.

    Most recognizable for its white color, it has only been in the past two decades that vinyl windows have come in colors other than its signature white.

    As such, it has earned a reputation for being an immediate consideration for homeowners, especially those looking for affordable window framing.

    Composite windows, on the other hand, are made up of timber and aluminum and are one that has existed for far longer than vinyl window types.

    Despite its relative age, a composite window is an immediate option that homeowners regard when fishing the market for window types that are most durable and low maintenance.

    In choosing between Vinyl vs Composite Windows in Markham, here are some tips:


    In choosing between vinyl or composite windows, it is important to consider durability.

    The longevity and the ability of a window to withstand various weather conditions as well as pressures are essential.

    While vinyl windows might be resistant to any damaging effects in terms of moisture which destroys frames made out of woods, they are still incredibly vulnerable to some extreme conditions.

    For instance, they can easily be affected by extreme cold, which causes them to crack.

    Composite windows, on the other hand, are generated from materials made of expanded polymers that have the ability to expand as well as contract without any cracking or warping to some extent.

    This is in stark contrast to vinyl windows, as composite ones never crack and can withstand extreme colds.


    If we are to pick in terms of energy efficiency among windows, vinyl ones are completely trumped over by composite windows.

    The latter has a great advantage.

    It is due to the fact that composite windows provide more than 200% better insulation compared to vinyl.

    Vinyl windows are usually thin as well as hollow, compared to composite ones which are thick and thus provide even better insulation as well as durability.

    In a practical sense, if we are to replace our current windows with composite ones, we can save up to 40% in terms of the home’s energy bill.


    The aesthetic of the home, of course, is an important value that we place great importance in.

    Hence, we cannot overlook the aesthetics of the window when it comes to deciding which type is better and which type is not.

    If we look at vinyl windows, we are only restricted to only a few options when it comes to color.

    They only come most usually in beige, white, or brown.

    Composite windows, on the other hand, provide a great look as well as the feel of traditional windows made out of wood when placed within the interior of the home.

    Furthermore, it does not require a certain amount of hassle and cost that are usually associated with wooden windows.

    Moreover, composite windows come with a wood grain design, which in turn complements well the decoration of the home even better than the plastic feel and look that is mostly associated with vinyl.

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