Questions You Need To Ask a Window Replacement Company

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    Window repair and replacement is something you do not think about much until something happens, such as a broken window or increasing energy bills.

    And when it happens, you’ll be overwhelmed with what to do after.

    For this reason, it’s vital to find an experienced and knowledgeable window repair company to help you with your concerns.

    You can count on Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement for window services. Call us now!

    To help you look for a reputable company, we’ve compiled questions you need to ask a window replacement company.

    Based on their answers, you should know when to make the right decision.

    List of Important Questions to Ask

    It’s critical to hire a reputable window repair company to ensure that the job is done correctly.

    Besides, we don’t want to get scammed from their false promises.

    All we want to know is how efficient and high-quality their services are.

    Moreover, these are the questions you need to ask a window replacement company:

    1. How Long are You in this Business?

    Asking this question will allow you to evaluate the length of their experience.

    Besides, all we want to hire is a company that does their job well.

    You can see this information on their website or their advertising platform, such as brochures.

    Make sure to do your research.

    If you cannot see any details on the website, you can ask this question personally to them.

    You can also ask for the duration of their experience. A window replacement company might have been formed 5 years ago, but their employees’ combined expertise could be about 10 to 20 years.

    Lastly, don’t ignore the employees.

    Most likely, the person with the most experience is the owner of the company.

    Therefore, ask who will be working on your windows to ensure he’s the most qualified for the job.

    2. How Much Is the Estimate?

    If you want to save money, it’s essential to ask this question.

    Some companies charge unnecessary costs.

    Get them out of the list and narrow down the companies that don’t hide charges.

    Look for companies that have no problem telling you about the price.

    They will also explain to you further details you need to know about the price.

    Make sure to ask this question to know if the price range they offer is suitable within your budget.

    3. Do You Use a Specific Window Type or Brand?

    If you want your money to be worth it for window repairs, it’s essential to know if it uses a specific brand or window type.

    By doing this, you can do your research if the materials they’re using are energy-efficient and sturdy.

    Also, you might determine if the price they offer is not much far-fetched from the original price.

    You can also look at the reviews of the brands they use.

    If you read bad reviews from it, don’t bother calling the company for window service.

    4. What are the Payment Terms?

    Every company has a different payment method.

    Hence, you should choose which company offers the most convenient payment to you.

    You can benefit by asking this question since you can prepare yourself for the potential fees aside from the service cost.

    5. How Do I Handle Issues after the Initial Installation?

    Just like any equipment, windows break after many years of use.

    During this time, it’s not surprising if you experience with your windows.

    With this in mind, you might probably avoid the hassle of finding another window replacement company.

    If you’re satisfied with the current window service company, you can contact them again for another service.

    Ask them if they can provide services for your broken windows.

    You can also ask the price and the specific services they offer aside from installation.

    Most companies offer post-installation services if you encounter issues with your window.

    They might even teach you how to deal with window replacement and repairs on your own.

    6. Do You Offer a Warranty?

    It’s essential to ask this question since most companies should offer warranty post-installation.

    And sometimes, mistakes can happen.

    It’s essential to determine if you are covered with the repairs.

    Make sure to be clear with the company since the warranty is usually given to customers.

    7. What is the Project Timeline?

    Most homeowners do not realize that windows can take a long time to deliver.

    In this case, the project may stretch for a week before the service is completed.

    Knowing the timeline can also help you manage other activities you need to work on.

    Since you know the questions you need to ask a window replacement company, don’t hesitate to call Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement!

    Aside from window replacement, we offer window repairs and window screen replacement.

    For door services, we provide door replacement and repairs, screen door repair, and replacement.

    Call us now to get your windows installed!

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