Mixing Casement And Double Hung Windows

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    If you’re in the beginning stages of building your home, windows are one aspect you will think about.

    Windows are an essential part of any property.

    It would be best if you deliberated properly on the window that maximizes your space well.

    Window units alone can set you back in thousands of dollars.

    Professional window installation and window repair services can become quite costly.

    Unless you prepare yourself to spend another big budget to get window repair or replacement, it’s best to study your window frames now.

    Choose the type of windows that you see yourself looking at for the years to come.

    What is a casement window?

    A casement window is one type of window for buildings and infrastructure.

    The window sash makes use of hinges to attach the frame.

    You can swing open the windowpane by pushing it outward or inward.

    Single casements swing open the window on its hinged side.

    Double casements exist within one frame, so you usually push two window panes for a fully open window.

    Advantages of a casement window

    Casements are one of the most simple types of windows available.

    There are many benefits to a casement.

    You might want to consider these advantages before you ponder the next types of windows for your property.

    Easy installation

    It’s easy to install casement windows in the window frame.

    There are fewer parts to install and set up.

    It won’t take a long time to set up the windows.

    Good ventilation

    Once you have the windows up and ready, it’s easy to ventilate your space.

    All you need to do is push or pull open the sash to open the window fully.

    Casements can allow you to do that.

    Simple mechanism

    It doesn’t get any easier than pushing open or pulling in the windows.

    Since the windows attach via hinges, you don’t need to worry about causing damages to the frame.

    Casement frames and sashes are durable enough to hold the glass panes when you swing the window.

    What is a double hung window?

    The double hung window is another popular choice for your residential windows.

    There are two window sashes, one on top of the other, that can slide within the frame.

    One sashed window overlaps the other within the frame to help you slide the pane along the window jamb.

    Double hung windows slide up or down to create a half-open frame.

    If you aim for a more traditional window type, the double hung provides that aesthetic to your property.

    Advantages of a double hung window

    Double hung windows have been around for a long time.

    It’s one of the classic windows that have been present for centuries.

    These are some of the benefits of a double hung window.

    Energy efficient

    Double hung sashes are energy efficient.

    The seals on the sides of the sash can save your space energy.

    Plus, it allows a lot of natural light inside.

    Low maintenance

    Double hung windows are easy to clean.

    The tilt-in mechanism of the windows allows for an easy clean on both sides.

    You don’t need to keep going inside or outside to keep cleaning the window glass.

    Great space accommodation

    Many windows are more fixed in their frame.

    The double hung windows are different.

    If you have plans to add a windows air conditioner, the double hung can accommodate the AC within its frame.

    The verdict: Can you incorporate casements and double hung?

    Mixing casement and double hung windows may be one of the scenarios you envision all the time.

    The truth is, there’s no rule on which windows you can mix and match.

    Find the areas in your property where you want full ventilation; Assign the casement windows there.

    Find areas wherein you plan to add some home devices like an AC; Assign some double hung windows in that area.

    The best thing you can do is to mix various window types according to room function and use.

    Study your house infrastructure and weather conditions well to get a glimpse of how the windows hold.

    As long as you get the proper installation or window repair services, well-maintained windows will last a long time.

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    If you plan on mixing casement and double hung windows, talk to us!

    We can help you plan out, like selecting the best windows and sizing out frames in the structure.

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