How to Fix Your Leaky, Drafty Vaughan Windows

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    Leaky and drafty windows are something any homeowner would dread having.

    A pestering affair, getting these windows repaired would appear to solve every other problem – moldy crannies, rusty latches, and unexpected coughs and colds.

    Most homeowners, at the first opportunity, would instead opt for acquired help, as dealing with leaking and sometimes foul-smelling windows (due to rust) is the least of their concerns.

    Frugal homeowners, contrastingly, would think otherwise.

    Having something repaired by one’s hand, without the aid of anyone, can be a gratifying experience.

    Moreover, not having to spend vast sums of money on repair must be the most rewarding realization of all.

    In today’s advanced age–everything is fashioned according to customers’ taste and comfort – nothing like a few tweaks, tugs, turns could append a malfunctioning and highly efficient machine.

    Nonetheless, professional help is something one can seek when all else fails.

    When every possible bright tip and hack is exhausted and thoroughly taken advantage of, a quick trip to the internet could be most helpful—as such, scouring the internet for intelligent ways to remedy a deviant window is one way to get things done.

    Here is a beneficial list of how to fix your leaky, drafty Vaughan windows.

    Fasten the Windows and Install Weatherstripping

    One of the detrimental effects of a leaky and drafty window is the unbearable cold that might get in.

    Due to such, it is essential that we lock our windows to prevent the cold from getting in and to install weatherstripping.

    While it is something basic, most people still forget to fasten their windows.

    When that happens, the weather outside can easily get in.

    Not to mention, it allows the air from the inside to make its way outside.

    When you fasten the window, it pulls the sashes with each other, and in return, closes up space where air can leak through.

    For large windows, placing two locks a few centimeters apart from the edges outside instead of only having one placed in the center can fasten up the gap all the way down to the bottom of the sash.

    Moreover, before you close the locks, make sure to pull all the way down the top sash, if you have a double-hung window and place a number of weatherstripping along the top edge.

    Thereafter, you can push the sash upwards as tightly as possible before you lock the window.

    Put another Glaze on Loose Window Panes

    The leaky and drafty nature of the window may be due to the fact that there are some chunks that are missing on the window pane.

    As such, reglazing it is a good idea.

    You have to perform the project before the temperature drops.

    Utilize some Physical Barriers

    To fasten the windows, you can make use of a number of physical barriers to ensure that no air gets through.

    You can use some door snakes, which are long tubes equipped with sand that are positioned on the bottom of the to prevent drafts.

    You can also utilize old quilts to block the weather.

    Make Use of Window Treatments

    Window treatments significantly provide an extra level of protection from the outside.

    It can be blinds, curtains, and heavy drapes.

    You can also layer them to provide an even more secure and comfortable protection from the drafts.

    They may even prevent any leaks from the windows.

    Congest Gaps

    In order to prevent leaks and drafts from getting in and out, it is important that the window is sealed all the way.

    If not, you might want to check the gaps.

    If there are noticeable gaps within the windows, filling them up should do the trick.

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    How to fix your leaky, drafty Vaughan windows?

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