How To Fix Leaking Windows

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    Leaking windows is an affair most troublesome.

    Not only will advanced damages necessitate the help of a professional (which usually costs a lot), there is also the added burden of having other furniture decayed and possibly disposed of.

    More so, the idea of spending vast sums of money on leaking windows, especially when such an unfortunate event could have been prevented if not for irresponsible maintenance (among the many reasons for circumstances to go awry), makes the entire undertaking upsetting.

    That being the case, there are still instances where only a few tugs and tweaks are enough to have something up and running.

    In today’s time, machines have become more advanced than most, allowing us to worry less.

    Nevertheless, nothing else can genuinely assert the shelf-life of any device other than time.

    While the internet is a one-stop-up store, filled to the brim with hacks and tips to aid anyone on their level of dilemmas, there are still lists that lack the needed information, for this case, when dealing with leaking windows.

    This article, therefore, is one to save you from the mentioned crisis and seeks to help any troubled homeowner on how to fix leaking windows.

    Discard the Damaged Exterior Caulking

    Oftentimes, what might be causing the window to leak is the damaged exterior caulking.

    Damaged exterior caulking within the window is no good to anyone.

    Hence, before doing any kinds of fixes for your leaking window, make sure to remove the damaged exterior caulking first.

    Scour the Frame and Recaulk

    After the damaged exterior caulking has been removed, clean the window frame and proceed to recaulk the window once more.

    Check the Sill

    Check the sill that is located at the bottom of the frame of the window.

    Ensure that it is facing downward and is pitched so as to be able to drain the water to the exterior of the window.

    Clean the Window itself

    Oftentimes, it might be necessary to perform maintenance so as to ensure that the window is not leaking.

    As such, you should clean the window free of dirt, debris, insects, and other obstructions from the weep holes located at the bottom frame.

    You can utilize a small wire to be able to unplug these weep holes.

    In return, this will permit the water that will enter through the window screen to drain all the way to the outside.

    Perform Maintenance

    Maintenance is an important part of keeping a window together.

    As such, it is essential that you perform this from time to time.

    During a leak, doing such can also go a long way.

    Make sure to clean the window and parts of it and repair what needs to be repaired upon inspection.

    Check the Installation

    Determining the root cause of the problem can also help identify the best possible course of action to take in order to prevent the leak from continuing.

    The poor installation of the window might be causing the leak.

    Consider a Full-frame Replacement

    If nothing else works, a window replacement is our best choice.

    It might be more expensive than the other solutions, but it is by far the most effective.

    The professionals who will be doing the replacement and reinstallation will be able to spot and fill the gaps that cannot be otherwise repaired by the other options above.

    The damages can be removed or repaired.

    Professionals are more adept at identifying the cause of such leaks and may also be able to prevent any more in the future.

    Call Manny’s Window and Door Repair for window replacement and installation

    How to fix leaking windows might be a hard grind for most homeowners.

    As such, you need help in the undertaking of such an issue.

    At Manny’s Window and Door Repair, we make sure that our customers are provided with the best possible solutions to their problems.

    We are a team of experts and professionals with extensive experience in the field, so we can guarantee quality and good results.

    We are licensed and insured, so we practice with the right mind and expertise.

    We exercise safety in all that we do.

    Hence, we can assure you that you are provided with the best possible care and service for any window replacement and installation needs.

    Call Manny’s Window and Door Repair for all your window needs! Do not hesitate to reach out.

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