How Much Is It To Replace a Wooden Door

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    There are various factors to consider when choosing the right door for your home.

    Fortunately, modern technology offers many choices for doors – wood, steel, and fiberglass.

    Out of all the types of doors, it’s not surprising that wood is the most popular choice.

    Why? Wood doors offer many styles, designs and are widely available in the market.

    With a wood door, you can customize it the way you want.

    There are many reasons why wood doors are a popular choice.

    We will walk you through all about them and how much is it to replace a wooden door.

    What are Wood Doors?

    Wood doors are the most popular choice for homeowners.

    Nowadays, they come in different types, such as solid and engineered ones.

    Each type varies in construction and has its advantages and disadvantages.

    As mentioned, wood doors come in different types – solid and engineered wood.

    The solid wood door is made of either a single piece or several pieces glued together to create a continuous and durable construction.

    Engineered wood, on the other hand, has two layers – inner and outer.

    The outer layer, also known as veneer, is made of an expensive type of wood.

    The inner layer is made of cheaper wood.

    Comparing both doors, solid wood is more expensive than an engineered one because of the type of wood used.

    It is also more durable and customizable.

    However, both require regular maintenance to prevent rotting and cracking.

    Despite the drawbacks, homeowners still use it, especially those who want the look of the wood door.

    Benefits of Wooden Doors

    Wooden doors look great in every home.

    As being a natural material, it is incredibly versatile when it comes to designs.

    They even offer a wider range of styles compared to fiberglass and steel counterparts.

    Because they are versatile, wood doors can be customized according to your preference.

    You can change their size, design, and even the wood type.

    No two wood doors are the same type.

    Hence, you can choose what is unique to you.

    Aside from the look, wooden doors offer superior security.

    They are durable depends on the type of wood used, and the construction has come a long way to make them sturdy.

    They are also easy to repair since they are malleable and easy to work with.

    Lastly, they are also a natural insulator.

    The wood properties help keep the warmth inside your house and ward off the noise.

    They’re environmentally friendly and sustainable, too.

    The Cost of Wooden Doors

    Now the question is, how much is it to replace a wooden door?

    The answer depends on the installation cost, the type of wood, and customization.

    Add them all up, and that’s the price to pay for door replacement.

    You can also call Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement for a more detailed price list.

    Generally, wooden doors are suitable for both interior and exterior use.

    You can use them for your bedroom, or as a front door.

    For the cost, wooden doors differ in their purpose (interior or exterior use) and material.

    Interior Doors

    For interior doors, the average cost for installation is $1200, ranging between $630 and $1800.

    However, if you have an existing frame and only want to replace the door itself, the cost can vary from $130 to $1300.

    For the price, the interior type is worth between $50 and $265.

    Engineered wood costs around $200 to $660, while the exterior solid wood is worth between $660 and $4000.

    Exterior Doors

    Similar to the interior, the cost for installing an exterior is $1200.

    Since the exterior offers more designs than the interior, the range of prices may vary.

    If you prefer a standard single style wood door, the cost will amount between $200 and $800.

    On the other hand, pre-hung styles are roughly around $60 to $260 more than the slab varieties.

    For the type of wood, the engineered variant is priced around $265 to $660, while the decorative solid wood is worth $660 to $6600.

    The decorative wood is more expensive than the engineered one is because of how customizable it is and offers more designs.

    Want to Know More?

    I hope we answered your question about how much it is to replace a wooden door.

    Wooden doors vary in types and material; that’s why they are more expensive than steel and fiberglass doors.

    When considering the total cost of the door replacement, you should add up the labor or installation cost, type of material, and customization cost.

    You can also ask Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement for more detailed pricing.

    Aside from replacement, we provide door repairs, screen door repair, door screen replacement, and window repair services.

    Call us in Vaughan, Markham, and Richmond Hill to know more about the wooden door installation!

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