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    Door frames often have one of the most heavy-duty jobs inside the household.

    The frames support the door at the entrance of your home or commercial space.

    It separates your internal space from the outside area of the property.

    It’s always essential to have a regular inspection of the door frames.

    A weak door frame can send your doors falling over time.

    You wouldn’t want to risk the safety of your family or yourself with a weak hinge or a hanging door panel.

    Keep the frames to the door in the best condition to prevent potential expenses on door replacements.

    Remember, an issue in the door frame affects the door panels as well.

    If you don’t keep the frames strong, you’ll end up needing a door repair as well.

    Door frame: the support of the door

    The barebones of your home structure often have fixed partitions or openings already.

    How come you can’t just attach a door panel into the fixed opening, right?

    The most essential function of the door frame is to provide support to your door panel.

    Other functions include aesthetic value to the entrance.

    If you plan to change the look of your main entrance, the door frame allows for modifications.

    An opening in structural integrity alone won’t allow you to do that unless you do a renovation.

    Common damages to the door frame

    Common issues can happen to the door frame over time.

    If you want to make it last for years, maintain it by providing regular checks and minor repairs.

    Look out for the common damages to the frame and mitigate the issue as soon as possible.

    Unlevel door frame

    Unlevel frames happen when there is a lack of proper installation of the frame and subsequent door panels afterward.

    Before installing the frame, you need to assess the opening of the structural integrity of your property.

    If situations come to worse, you may have difficulty swinging the doors to your home.

    Work with the installers beforehand so you can avoid expenses from unlevel frames.

    Corroded hardware

    Door frames are subject to a lot of external exposures all the time.

    Metal hardware can corrode without proper cleaning and maintenance.

    As corrosion largely depends on the material of the frame, this is more particular for steel door frames and other metal frames.

    Check all the hardware in the frame, such as the hinges, locks, handles, striker plates.

    Weak frames

    Weak door frames affect the doors and hardware heavily.

    The classification doesn’t only end up in the material of the door frame.

    It also applies to self-installed frames, built-in door frames, and other variations of door frames.

    The best door frames last long when accurate installations result in strong frames that hold on to the structure.

    Cracks, splits, and rotting

    Door frame materials suffer from cracks, splits, and rotting.

    When termites or pests are going through the frame, the structure degrades over time.

    Accidental applications of strong force can cause dents to the frames.

    Address this problem as door frames can weaken and decline in design by having rifts and deep scratches to the surface.

    Professional repair services for all damages

    Professional door frame repair should only come from experts.

    Fixing door frame problems may look simple from countless tutorials and sources.

    You won’t lack advice and notes in fixing the door frames inside your property.

    However, don’t forget that professional repair technicians like us, Manny’s Window & Door Repair, have years of experience.

    We have given hundreds of damage repairs to all kinds of door frames in town.

    No matter what issue your door frame has, we can give our efficient fix to keep you from spending higher costs on more complicated repair jobs.

    Book our repair technicians in Manny’s Window & Door Repair

    We are Manny’s Window & Door Repair services.

    If you have issues with the frames to your entrance door, we give our door frame repair to you.

    The door frame is one of the most overlooked parts of any infrastructure.

    Most homeowners and building owners should pay close attention to the main entrance of their space.

    A broken door frame is easy to bypass.

    Before you know it, you have a home or commercial space with easy access due to weak frames.

    Strengthen your door frames with the door frame repair.

    Consider it as a way to strengthen the access points of your space.

    Book a job with our team now for door repairs to your door frames!

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