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    As a manager or business owner, there’s nothing more important than keeping your business space safe.

    Well-maintained doors tell a lot about the condition of a business space.

    For many physical store locations or commercial spaces, the entrance serves as a protection of the place.

    Weak doors can compromise commercial space.

    Remember, all it takes is to destroy weak glass doors or tamper fragile frames to open your location without authority.

    Always check the condition of the glass doors in your commercial space.

    If the door needs necessary door repair, book an appointment as soon as possible.

    Remember that with more days you spend fixing the main entrance door to your business, the more customer activities get affected.

    Don’t miss out on days of business and sales in place of a door repair for the glass doors.

    All you need is to find the nearest one to your business place and book a repair at the most convenient time.

    Common issues of glass doors

    Glass doors are one of the most common entrances to business spaces.

    It functions to protect and showcase business in areas with heavy foot traffic.

    When you want your business to be visible and more inviting, glass doors do the job.

    However, it takes a higher level of care to keep glass doors in excellent shape.

    Broken glass doors

    Broken glass is dangerous and can cause problems in the vicinity.

    The most common problem in a glass door is broken glass.

    When someone attempts to break in by breaking glass or throwing heavy objects to glass, damages follow.

    Moreover, broken glass needs urgent door repair service.

    As the glass door protects the commercial space, a broken glass panel leaves the space open for invasion.

    Leaky glass doors

    There are many kinds of glass doors for commercial use.

    Heavy-duty glass doors have three layers, and the middle layer can turn leaky with condensation.

    Water builds up between the glass layers, which covers the inside of the store or commercial space.

    Weak seals and big cracks cause this problem in glass doors.

    Leaky glass doors need a seal repair to prevent water from condensing inside the glass panels.

    Corroded hardware

    Metal is prone to corrosion.

    Rust weakens the hardware of the glass doors too.

    Many doors come with corrosion-resistant coating.

    The problem happens when there is a lack of maintenance to both the doors and the coating.

    The coating thins out or gets damages over time; hardware can harbor dirt and rust, which builds up and prevents moving hardware from working smoothly.

    Faulty door closers

    There is nothing more annoying than entrance doors that don’t close properly.

    Most commercial spaces have door closers along with glass doors.

    The door automatically closes after a client or customer walks through the entry points of the business.

    It’s necessary to have a fully functional door closer.

    If you don’t have a working closer, you’ll need to close the glass doors every time somebody opens your business.

    24/7 door repair service in town

    Keeping a regular business schedule is already challenging enough.

    You don’t have all the time of the day to think about broken glass doors.

    The time you spend worrying about a repair could be time to plan the next strategy for your business.

    24/7 repairs are available for busy business days and schedules.

    It’s best to fix the door when there are no other customers around.

    As such, Manny’s Window & Door Repair is here in town to give you all-day, all-night repair services.

    Set an appointment with our team of professional repair technicians

    Set a date with our team to get the commercial glass door repair for your business.

    The last thing you need is to worry about a door when you have other things to think about in business.

    This is where we come in!

    We are Manny’s Window & Door Repair, and we aim to be your partner in maintaining the glass doors to your commercial space.

    Our team of professional repair technicians has given repair services to many business owners.

    You don’t need to sacrifice crucial days in business for repair jobs to essential parts of the place.

    You can count on us to be with you any time of the day to perform efficient repairs to your commercial glass doors.

    Book a job with us!

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