Casement vs Double-Hung Windows for Your Markham Home

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    The home is where the family is.

    It is where we make memories and where memories are made for us.

    This is where childhood thrives, and adults grow old.

    Hence, it is only right that it is equipped with all the comfort that it can provide so as to make these memories fond when we remember them.

    One of the markings of a true home is its ability to provide good ventilation and airway while also safeguarding the aesthetics of the house.

    What better way to do that than to install great windows? Casement and double-hung windows are only two of the most brilliant ideas when it comes to picking out the best windows for our home.

    Of course, they come with different designs and functions, which can either improve the quality of your home or worsen it.

    It might depend on the build of your house and your preference.

    For those who are residing in Markham, we might find the choice between these two mind-boggling.

    However, to guide homeowners out there, here are some features that might affect your decision in choosing between casement vs. double-hung windows for your Markham home.

    Casement Windows

    Casement windows have been known to be popular among homeowners when it comes to window style.

    They are typically designed with the equipment of a crank mechanism that allows it to comfortably open as well as close by making use of a single hand.

    As it is equipped with a handle that is easy to reach, we can easily crank open the window as well as open it outwards in order to ensure comfortable functionality, airflow, and cleaning.

    It also prevents any leakage of air when it closes because its sash firmly presses against the frame of the window.

    Furthermore, it is convenient and is easier to use, as they are often positioned in locations that are typically difficult to reach, like those that are above the kitchen sink.

    Important Features

    Minimalistic aesthetic

    The style of casement windows offers a clean yet minimalist aesthetic to various styles of homes, as it has no sash that divides its window glass panes.

    Easy operation

    With a single hand alone, homeowners can easily open and close with its handle that is also easy to each.

    It provides easier and more comfortable access for older homeowners as it requires little physical effort.

    Energy efficient

    Casement windows also prevent any leakage of air, so it reduces any excess expenses on the air conditioning and heating system.

    Double-hung Windows

    For homeowners who are fond of the traditional aesthetic, double-hung windows are by far the most excellent choice for any residential window installations.

    It also provides a style that embodies the classic and colonial, as they open and close through the raising of the top as well as bottom panels manually and vertically within the frame.

    However, for older homeowners or those that are less physically mobile, they might find it more difficult to operate.

    Important features

    Traditional style

    These windows are commonly utilized so as to complement cottages as well as homes that are of the vintage style.

    Less Maintenance

    Double-hung windows are made from vinyl materials that are also high in quality.

    Hence, they are known for their strength and durability.

    They have less risk as well as a less mechanical failure when it comes to the maintenance requirements.


    Double-hung windows are made with various safety features, which are fitted with locks in order to ensure the safety as well as the efficiency of the design.

    It is perfect for households with young children.


    Due to the popularity of the style, the competition between manufacturers has paved the way for the price drop.

    Various affordable alternatives are available for homeowners.

    Install Casement or Double-Hung Windows with Manny’s Window and Door Repair

    Great homes are equipped with the ideal features of casement as well as double-hung windows.

    If you are looking to choose between casement vs double-hung windows for your Markham home, the Manny’s Window and Door Repair is your best choice.

    We provide high-quality windows as well as installation.

    Call us now for your window needs.

    Do not hesitate to reach out! When it comes to your home, choose only Manny’s Window and Door Repair.

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