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    There’s nothing scarier than intruders attempting to go inside a safe place.

    Burglaries and home thefts are widespread occurrences in all parts of the world.

    Threats to your household can cause you to feel unsafe inside your home.

    Imagine an uninvited person going through your residence without your knowledge.

    It costs a lot to replace lost belongings that are important to your home life.

    It’s best to level up the security of the doors to prevent potential unauthorized access to your home.

    Fragile door locks take less time to bypass the second time around.

    It will help if you book a break in entry door repair to fix damages in affected entrances of your home immediately.

    You can prevent break-ins from happening.

    It all starts in investing in good doors that are durable and strong enough to withstand tampering.

    Then, follow up good installation with frequent door repairs to fix minor damages.

    Types of unauthorized entry

    There are various kinds of entry that affect your entrance door.

    All levels of unauthorized entry have varying degrees of damage and efficiency.

    While others may take several trials to gain access to your interiors, others are just direct ways of letting people in.

    Open entry

    A large percentage of unauthorized entries come from accessible homes.

    Open doors and unlocked door locks leave freedom and efficiency to unwanted individuals to go through your home freely.

    Never leave your residence unlocked and unprotected, especially when you go out.

    Forced entry

    Forced entries happen when there is considerable force to destroy entrance doors.

    You will often find broken door locks, heavy dents, broken glass, and cracks in the entrance of your home.

    Forced entries leave apparent damages to the property.


    One method of unauthorized entry is called bumping.

    Keys are filed down to mimic a mini saw and inserted in the keyhole; afterward, a blunt object bumps the keys.

    Until the filed key catches all the pins, the burglar will keep bumping the lock with the object.

    Lock picking

    The most popular form of unauthorized entry is lock picking.

    A flat object goes through the keyhole to pick the pin tumblers in the mechanism.

    Beware of lock picks as they are the most discreet form of a break-in.

    Home breach

    Many homeowners leave a spare key in apparent locations inside the property.

    When unwanted people see the solution in front of them, all it takes is to key in the spare to gain access to your home.

    Never make it easy for thieves to go through your home by placing spare keys under the doormat.

    Signs of break-in attempts

    Be cautious and look out for attempts in unauthorized access to your property.

    Check out some signs to know if somebody has attempted to go through your front doors.

    As soon as you experience these warnings, it’s best to call professional help from Manny’s Window & Door Repair.

    • Notable damages to the door parts, i.e., door panels, doorknobs, door locks
    • Scratches in the surface of door parts
    • Loose hardware in the frame and the door
    • Bent door frames
    • Fresh dents or nicks near the keyhole of the doorknob
    • Lost spare keys or fobs
    • Setting home alarms and detectors
    • Mobile notifications from home security systems (applies to smart locks)

    Set a date with our team of repair technicians for door repairs

    Keep your home safe by investing in good protection of the main entrances.

    Secure the entrance doors and make them durable and strong enough to withstand break-in attempts.

    Doors with higher security can buy you more time to decide what to do next regarding your home security system.

    Whether you plan to get a door replacement or book for a break in entry door repair, you can ward off unwanted people from your residence.

    Regular maintenance of the doors also serves as a thorough inspection.

    Many signs are very easy to miss when the doors are working normally.

    With proper assessment, you will see if there have been signs of lock picking in the pin tumbler.

    Set an appointment with our team, Manny’s Window & Door Repair, and book a date with our team.

    We are available 24/7 to help you keep a safe home by reinforcing the condition of your entrance doors.

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