Best Windows For Canadian Winters

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    There are many considerations when buying windows in a cold climate like Canada.

    The materials to use are critical to make sure the cold temperature won’t enter your house.

    If you live in a cold country such as Canada, choosing the right windows can make your house more comfortable.

    You can also save money from energy bills every month since you don’t have to use appliances to regulate your home’s temperature.

    Furthermore, we will discuss the importance of windows in cold climates and the best windows for Canadian Winters.

    Why Windows Matter in Cold Climates?

    It can create a huge difference when choosing the right window for your home, especially if you live in Canada.

    The harsh winters in Canada require durable windows for every citizen.

    To start, you should know the basics of windows.

    It consists of two parts: window and frame.

    Both are important when considering the best windows for Canadian Winters.

    The window frame is where the heat escapes or the cold air enters.

    Hence, you have to make sure it is in good condition and made of good material.

    The parts of the frame that the air usually escapes from are the sill, sash, and perimeter.

    These areas are where the air enters or leaves.

    For this reason, make sure that the window frame is installed correctly and is made of the right material.

    While window frames are not 100% airtight, there should not be an amount of cold air that should seep in.

    On the other hand, the windows themselves should also keep up with the cold temperature and avoid it from entering your house.

    Because if they’re not installed correctly, this means you have to use your HVAC system to heat your home.

    As a result, you need to pay more for monthly energy bills.

    One of the best windows for Canadian winters is energy-efficient ones.

    The different types of materials offer varying degrees of insulation.

    The greater the windows’ energy efficiency, the more you save on electric bills and the more comfortable your house becomes.

    How to Choose Windows for Cold Climate

    Window Frames

    The best way to ward off cold temperature from entering your house is an energy-efficient window with properly installed window frames.

    With this, the window won’t let any air to leak inside.

    For window frames, wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and composite are some of the best choices for Canadian Winters.

    Wood is ideal since it will protect the heat inside your home.

    In other words, it is energy-efficient since it doesn’t let the heat escape.

    However, this type of frame can expand and contract due to temperature and humidity changes.

    Also, it can rot once it exposes to moisture.

    It is expensive and requires regular maintenance to keep it in good shape.

    On the other hand, vinyl and fiberglass frames are also some of the best options.

    Fiberglass is durable and energy-efficient but can be expensive than wood and vinyl.

    Meanwhile, vinyl frames are the most low-maintenance and cost-effective.

    It is also energy-efficient, which can keep out cold air from entering.

    Most importantly, avoid aluminum window frames. It doesn’t hold heat very well.

    You may find yourself freezing when you have this type of window for your home.

    Aside from the type of material, it’s essential to keep the space around your windows adequately sealed.

    In this way, the cold air won’t seep through the gaps.

    For a proper window installation, call Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement in Canada!


    Typically, the windows themselves are made of glass.

    When you live in Canada, avoid using single-pane windows.

    This type of window does not hold heat very well.

    Instead, you can choose a double or triple pane window with low-E glass.

    Low-E glass has a metallic and thin coating to filter the specific type of lights to enter your home.

    This is a good option for winter areas since sunlight can add warmth to your house.

    As mentioned, energy-efficient windows are the best way to ward off a cold temperature.

    You can elevate the insulation with double and triple pane with argon and krypton material.

    With these materials, it can boost the insulation into your better.

    If you want to incorporate this with your window, call an expert to help you.


    Fiberglass, wood, vinyl, and composite are the best options for window frames.

    Meanwhile, double and triple pane glass windows are the way to go for windows themselves.

    If you want a window installation for your home, you can call Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement in Canada.

    We offer window services such as window repair, window screen replacement, and window replacement.

    We also door services such as door repair and door screen replacement.

    Call us now, and we’ll help you to choose the best window for your house!

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