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    While it can be satisfying and rewarding to own a house, it can also be tedious to maintain it.

    Homeowners should watch out for faulty appliances, flooring conditions, and plumbing.

    However, one thing that is often ignored is checking the condition of the windows.

    Windows are durable and can last for several decades when well-maintained.

    Otherwise, problems can happen to your window.

    Or, if a kid accidentally throws a stone at your window, you need to replace the window right away.

    Different scenarios lead to a damaged window.

    Thus, it’s vital to fix the damage right away.

    If you need an affordable window repair service in Richmond Hill, don’t hesitate to call Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement.

    We will fix your windows to ensure your home is safe.

    When Do I Need a Professional Window Repair?

    Upon inspection, you can see if the window needs repair.

    If you’re not quite sure, we’ll send our most suited expert for the job to inspect the problem.

    Depending on the window’s condition, we can either do a window replacement or a repair.

    Hence, we have rounded up some common issues for those who want to know if their windows need repairs.

    These are the following:

    1. Chipped and cracked window panes

    Fortunately, it’s easy to spot chipped and cracked window panes.

    This problem usually happens because of the harsh winds hitting the window, using harsh cleaners, or if an object hits the window.

    As soon as you notice this problem, replace the glass right away.

    If you do not know how to do it, you can call Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement for a window replacement.

    2. Rotting and aging wooden windows

    An old home is evident just by looking at the windows.

    If your windows are old, it’s time to repair them.

    Especially if your window is made of wood, it can rot, crack, and discolored due to weathering and old age.

    When such a situation happens, you need to strip off the old paint and repaint the windows.

    However, if the parts are rotting, replace them with new wood before repainting them.

    Besides, it can only temporarily hide the problem when you paint over rotting wood.

    However, there are cases that require your old window a replacement of the hardware and frame.

    To be sure about what to do, call us.

    We’ll inspect and diagnose your old windows to make sure they’re still working.

    3. Fogging due to damaged seals

    If you have a double-pane or several glass window panes, condensation can happen when the window seals are damaged.

    Damaged seals occur because of the heat.

    As a result, it causes condensation.

    When you have a damaged seal, replace the entire pane or the sash.

    You can also talk to us regarding this problem.

    We can check the problem, and we’ll fix it to prolong the life of your windows.

    4. Leaking air

    When you notice the air is leaking through the gaps between window frames, sashes, and dividers, most likely they are cracking, peeling, and rotting.

    To fix this issue, you need to seal the gaps with the painter’s caulking.

    Or if it doesn’t work, your windows need a replacement on the sash or a weather stripping.

    To be sure of what to do, you can leave the job to us for a proper diagnosis.

    Call us for an affordable window repair service in Richmond Hill!

    5. Difficult-to-open windows

    A difficult-to-open window indicates damage to the hardware, painted-shut sashes, or dirty tracks and balances.

    If there is an accumulation of dirt, wipe them off with a towel or any tool.

    You can also scrape off the old paint if the dirt and dust are difficult to remove.

    However, if the cleaning doesn’t work, you can hire us to fix the issue.

    Your window either needs a replacement or installation.

    6. Increasing Monthly Utility Bills

    Regardless of the season, you should know how to limit your appliances’ use to keep the temperature inside your home regulated.

    However, if it’s abnormally increasing, you might want to check the condition of your windows.

    There might be problems with the seal that lets the air enter from outside.

    As a result, you find yourself using the heater or air conditioner more often.

    It’s essential to check the condition of the seals from time to time.

    If they’re cracked and damage, replace them.

    You can also call us to do the work for you.

    Need Assistance?

    If you find the problems above with your windows, consult them with Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement.

    Regardless of the issues with your window, we can fix them.

    For window services, we offer window replacement, repair, and window screen replacement.

    We also cater to door problems.

    We provide door repair, door screen replacement, and door replacement.

    Call us to avail our affordable window repair service in Richmond Hill!

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