Choosing The Right Front Door

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    Choosing the right front door can improve the look of your home.

    It will also save you on energy costs and secure your home away from external threats.

    Hence, the first decision to make when trying to improve your home is choosing the right front door.

    This guide will help you explore different factors when deciding what works for you.


    The first factor to consider when choosing the right front door for your home is the material.

    Doors come in different materials – wood, fiberglass, steel, and glass.

    We will walk you through each of them.

    Wood Front Door

    Wood front doors are most commonly used since they are customizable and widely available.

    They don’t rust, but they require regular maintenance and painting.

    They can also be prone to rotting and warping.

    However, most modern wood doors are already built with layers of veneer over the front and back.

    This means it will help to reduce the chances of warping.

    As mentioned, they are customizable.

    However, expect to pay more when customizing it.

    You can either choose an elegant or decorative design.

    Either way, the cost may vary on how detailed the customization is.

    Steel Front Door

    A steel front door is the cheapest out of the bunch.

    Unlike wood doors, steel can only be customized depending on the type.

    Steel doors come in three types with different functions.

    These are basic, decorative, and fire-rated steel doors.

    Basic doors provide adequate insulation, and in terms of design, it looks plain steel.

    Unfortunately, you can’t add color to a basic steel door.

    On the other hand, the decorative door is the most expensive of the rest of the steel doors.

    With this type of steel door, you can customize it by adding paint, glasswork, or any design you like.

    However, it requires heavy maintenance to keep the painting from chipping off and keep it from rusting.

    Lastly, by the name alone, fire-rated doors are able to resist fire for up to 3 hours.

    It may be the most durable, but it is prone to rust, which requires you to maintain it all the time.

    Fiberglass Front Door

    Fiberglass doors offer the most flexibility and versatility out of all door types.

    You can customize a fiberglass door with a wood-looking door, or you can paint it without the fear of chipping off soon.

    No need to worry about rusting and regular maintenance as well.

    They’re also inexpensive and one of the best door types in the market.

    Glass Front Door

    Almost all doors come with glass material.

    They are usually mixed with other materials such as wood or fiberglass, depending on what type you want.

    Glass doors come in three different types, namely, full, mid, and high view.

    Full view means the door is entirely covered with glass.

    The mid view has an oval or rectangle glass placed in the center of the door.

    On the other hand, high view has a glass placed on the top portion of the door.


    Aside from the material, you should also consider the style of your door.

    The style should fit with the rest of the architectural design of your home.

    You can choose a traditional looking door or install a classic six-panel door.

    You can also select an arched door with stained glass.

    Whatever style you want, communicate it with Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement.

    Call us now for more door style options!


    Like most home investments, you should consider the cost when choosing the right front door.

    You should be well aware of the frequency of maintenance, the door’s life expectancy, and energy-efficiency when selecting.

    All these things impact the cost you’ll expect to shell out in the long-term.

    Choose the Best Front Door with Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement!

    Choosing the right front door changes the look of your home and the curb appeal.

    You need to select the best material for you, steel, wood, fiberglass, or glass.

    You can also add customization by adding detail work or color to the door.

    You may consider adding insulation feature if you want to save on energy costs.

    Whatever you want with your front door, it’s essential to communicate all of it with a door repair company.

    If you live in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Markham, you can count on Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement to assist you.

    We have in-depth knowledge regarding doors.

    Whatever design you want, we can help you choose the best.

    We also provide door replacement and installation, door screen replacement, and window services such as window repair and replacement.

    Call us now to choose the best front door for your home!

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