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    A door can have issues that result from frequent usage, age, how it was installed and used.

    Since it serves as the entry point to your home, it’s essential to keep it in good condition and perform maintenance from time to time.

    It will help you detect the issues early, which you can do something about.

    Because of this, don’t bother doing a DIY project on your door.

    Any smart person knows it’s dangerous.

    Hence, it’s best to leave the door repairs to the professionals for a high-quality job.

    If you’re looking for an affordable door repair service in Richmond Hill, call Manny Glass Door Repair & Replacement!

    Different Issues that Require Professional Help

    A door suffers from occasional wear and tear throughout its life.

    With this, it’s best to check the condition of your door before it gets too late.

    Depending on the condition of your door, either a repair or replacement is done.

    Inspect the door’s overall condition from time to time to determine when to call for an affordable door repair service in Richmond Hill.

    Furthermore, these are the door issues you can check that requires professional repairs:

    Locks and Deadbolts are Not Working

    Faulty locks and deadbolts can mean many things.

    The locks may not be adjusted properly, or they are not correctly aligned with the strike plates.

    Hence, they won’t serve their purpose any longer.

    When you see these issues with your door, it’s best to call a professional door repair to fix it for you.

    The Door has Air Leaks

    If you see the light passes through the door’s sides, or you notice a cold breeze entering your house, there must be a problem with the weather stripping.

    Check the condition of the weather stripping if it has cracks or gaps.

    If you see these signs, it’s time to replace it.

    You can buy one in a hardware store and cut it according to the size of the door’s bottom.

    However, if hesitant, you can leave the replacement to the professionals.

    The Door Jambs are Damaged

    If you see the door jamb is cracking or splitting, there’s a possibility that your door is rotting near the base, especially if it’s a wooden one.

    Communicate your concerns to an expert to see what can be done with your door jambs.

    The Door Does Not Close Properly

    Problems with the door are associated with different key areas to check: The hinges and the hardware’s condition and the alignment of the door.

    If your door is difficult to open or close, check the friction of these areas:

    1. Upper side of the door (the side where the doorknob is located)

    2. Bottom of the door (on the latch side, again)

    When you do not fix the issue right away, the top hinge might loosen up more, detaching the door completely.

    Make sure to inspect this issue with a professional door repair service to assist you.

    Swollen Wooden Doors

    The humidity of the summer months can make the wooden doors swell, which prevents the door from closing.

    To solve this problem, you can sand the swollen parts of the door to take the excess material to allow the door to close.

    Sand the door properly to prevent further damage.

    If you need help, consult an expert to guide you through the process.

    Squeaking, Rusty, and Tight Door Hinges

    If you find the door is making squeaky noises, the hinges might be binding.

    Call a professional door repair service to fix the problem.

    High-Quality Services We Provide:

    Moreover, these are the affordable door repair services in Richmond Hill we provide:

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    There you have it.

    Once you find these issues with your door, it’s best to address them by calling an affordable door repair service in Richmond Hill.

    Reject the idea of DIY repairs if you want to avoid injuries or costly repairs in the future.

    You can also void the warranty with your door.

    Seeking professional help is the best way to ensure your door is fixed correctly.

    We at Manny’s Glass Door Repair & Replacement offer a wide selection of doors and services for you.

    Call us anytime whether you need a door replacement, installation, or repair.

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